The election fever is on across the country and it is gripping most of the people. Amidst all this frenzy, an incident involving actress-turned-politician Khushbu during a political rally in Bengaluru yesterday is taking the internet by storm! During the roadshow in Bangalore yesterday, Khushbu slapped a young man on the road after he tried to touch her inappropriately. 

This incident has garnered both positive and negative responses from internet users. Many people have come out to troll the Congress Party leaders and workers while quite a few more have come out in praise of Khushbu for being bold and giving the man what he deserves. 

When we got in touch with Khushbu to record her statement regarding this issue she stated that "Before getting onto the rally van, I had to walk through a crowd to reach it. First, I felt somebody touching me inappropriately and turned to look but then I didn't want to create a scene at the moment. However, when the guy tried to act smart with me again, I lost it and gave the guy what he deserved. I actually regret not slapping him the first time itself!" 

It was also stated that he is now been handled by the police officials and that Khushbu is well and safe and she has returned to Chennai.