Respect yourselves, respect you families, respect your country, stay home🙏🏽 Ps- WHO has not confirmed the virus being airborne, but are speculating it’s possibility in some settings, so please stay safe and stay home. And do keep in mind not to bulk buy medical supplies that are of more need to hospitals. 
“This is not just another video but it’s made with an intention to spread awareness for Coronavirus. I request each and everyone of you to stay indoors, please don’t step out of your house, this is not just for your safety but also your family’s safety. Both the central and state government is doing all they can to prevent the virus from spreading but you must first help them by staying inside your house. Italy is recording over 5000 cases on an average. I can’t even imagine to see India going through a similar situation.  
And because I am from the cinema industry, I wish to add something at this point, I request all the big superstars to create an awareness campaign through the help of their fans. Tamil Nadu is a film fanatic state and around 95% of the audience here would be a fan of film star or the other. Actors like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Ajith and Vijay should step and request their fans to not leave their houses. This your time to show back your love towards the people who are crazy for you. I firmly believe that film stars can bring a change.”