The second wave of Covid 19 virus has hit the country very bad and the Medical department of the country is doing its best to save as many lives as possible. Several innocent lives have been lost due to this deadly virus and it is important for us to stay safe and protected. A lot of notable film and television personalities across the country have also been infected by the virus. While the majority of them have recovered, we have lost a few legendary personalities too. On that note, popular Tamil actress and television personality Uma Riyaz has posted a new video on her official Instagram and YouTube pages, revealing that she had tested positive for Covid 19 virus.

Uma Riyaz talked in a video shot inside the hospital (where she was admitted) and in the video, she mentioned everyone to stay safe and secure. Uma Riyaz looked tired and coughed quite a few times during the video and the fans are sending their positive words to her. Uma Riyaz also made it clear that she is out of danger and has tested negative for the virus.

Talking about it, she said, "Greetings to all. I was Covid positive, a few days back and I was hospitalized immediately after the results came out. At this moment, I need to thank the medical team - doctors, and their fantastic service, the nurses, and support staff who took good care of me, and all others who have been infected. I am out of danger and I have tested negative. But, it is important for all of you to stay safe. The second wave is highly threatening. Please try to stay at home as much as possible. Go out only if needed and mask yourself when you step out. Follow the guidelines imposed by the Government and consume healthy foods. Only after I got admitted and underwent the Covid experience, I realised the importance of life.".

Galatta urges you to wear a mask, follow the rules and restrictions imposed by the state and national governments and stay safe.