Suriya is someone known for being a socially responsible citizen of the country who voices his strong opinions in a bold manner. The star actor has now issued a new statement condemning the need for NEET exams, especially amidst the pandemic situation. He said that he was taken aback after hearing about the suicides of three children who took their own lives fearing the NEET exam. Talking through an official statement, Suriya said, “I am heartbroken after hearing about the suicide of the three students who lost their lives due to the fear of NEET exams. There's nothing worse than comforting a student before their exams, instead of wishing them the best. It is disheartening to see the students made to prove their intelligence through exams even during this pandemic situation.

The Chief Justice (in Court) who make their judgements through video conferencing, fearing Corona virus, are ordering the students to go and write the exam without any fear in examination centres. Exams like NEET are not only stopping the various opportunities of the students, but also end up in killing their lives. The parents and teachers should be aware and take care of our students. We shouldn't allow an exam to determine the talent of our children. We should teach them to face failures and show some love and positivity.

We should show them that exams are nothing in front of the love of their families and friends. Three students have died today. It happened before and will happen in the future as well. But, it is in our hands to make our children feel safe and comfortable. We shouldn't maintain silence even after seeing the deaths of these three children. Let us all join our hands together and raise our voices against NEET.” This bold statement from Suriya has garnered a lot of attention and a lot of people have extended their support to the Soorarai Pottru actor.

Notable celebrities across the industry have appreciated Suriya for coming out and talking about the issue without fearing about the problems that he could face. It has also earned him a huge respect among the people of Tamil Nadu. However, Suriya has also been receiving backlash from a certain section of people on social media. Check out Suriya's latest statement against NEET here: