The fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil will witness an eviction in tonight’s (November 22) episode and as per the latest reports that are circulating on social media, it will be Suchitra who will make her way out of the house. Seven housemates were nominated for this week’s eviction and it included Samyuktha, Rio Raj, Anitha Sampath, Balaji Murugadoss, Som Shekar, Aari and Suchi. Among the seven, Rio and Aari were saved in last night’s (Nov 21) episode and the remaining four (leaving out Suchi) will be saved in tonight’s episode.

Suchi entered the Bigg Boss house two weeks before as the second wildcard contestant of this season and she told Kamal Haasan that she would ‘shake things up’ during her presence. She did shake things up to an extent, but her biased support towards Balaji Murugadoss did not go well with the viewers. The fans also opined that Suchi had mental stress issues inside the house as her actions reflected that. Suchi did not manage to create a good rapport with the majority of the contestants and her eviction does not come as a surprise.

Notably, in the eviction poll conducted by Galatta, Suchi secured the least number of votes and the official results also suggest the same. Tonight’s episode will hence witness her exit and we may see some emotional scenes. Earlier this week, Shivani was possessive about Suchi talking to Balaji and hence maintained distance with Balaji, but now she will be more comfortable. Suchi - Balaji’s love-hate relationship was indeed complicated and difficult to understand. Very recently, Suchi’s ex-husband and stand up comedian, Karthik Kumar spoke highly of her by posting, “My ex wife is someone I think highly of and am very fond of. None of you know her although you all think you do”.

After coming out of the house, Suchi will shift her focus towards her YouTube channel in which she shares various exciting cooking recipes. Suchi will also be simultaneously working on her independent songs and music with fellow singers from the industry. We can also expect Suchi to share her opinions and experiences about being inside the house with other contestants.