Leading actress Genelia D’Souza, known among Tamil cinema fans for her films like Sachein, Velayutham, Santosh Subramaniam and Uthamaputhiran to name a few and her husband, actor Riteish Deshmukh recently took up the 'Filhaal 2 Reels' challenge. Posting a fun Instagram Reels video, the popular stars appeared together and did their own version of the recently released single track from Filhaal 2. We see in the video Riteish getting romantic with wife Genelia by trying to kiss her, but is left shocked when he is seen holding in his hands their golden retriever licking his face. A surprised Riteish then shows two fingers and says, "Filhaal 2."

Along with the Reels video on Instagram, Riteish wrote, "This is for you my dearest Sundi @akshaykumar - the song is amazing … @nupursanon you are looking great & @bpraak you are a magician #filhaal2reels", while tagging Akshay Kumar, Nupur Sanon and singer B Praak. Both Riteish and Akshay have starred together in several films over the years, including Heyy Babyy and the Housefull franchise. In the music video of Filhaal 2: Mohabbat released last week, we see Akshay's character in the film recalling his romance with Nupur and also shakes his feet to the beats at her wedding, all while getting past the pain and tears in his eyes. Filhaal  was Akshay's debut music video and incidentally Nupur's first appearance. Sharing the video, Akshay dedicated it to the audiences saying it was a result of their immense love.

Soon after the release of the Filhaal 2 music video, Akshay also shared several memes on Twitter and wrote, "Thank you SO much for all the love to #Filhaal2Mohabbat. I know the pain in it made some of you sad. So here’s reposting some fun memes by Filhaal fans to make you smile. Amazing creativity, amazing spirit." Watch the fun reels video of Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza's version of Filhaal 2 below: 


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