Gnabagangal special

Gnabagangal marks the entry of lyricist Pa. Vijay as hero with�Sridevika as�heroine. Love seems to be the core theme of the film.�Is it a walk down memory lane as the title suggests?

The team is not ready to divulge the information yet. But Gnabagangal is the story of a poet who transforms into a hero. As love is the�fave theme in Tamil films, producer-hero Pa.Vijay has chosen this theme for his screen debut. In addition to the pure love story, Gnabagangal has a lot of other specials too. What are these special features?

There is no�overdose of�glamour, no double-meaning dialogues and no villain in the film. Everyday problems that arise out of situations is what moves the story. Gnabagangal is directed by Jeevan.