The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic originated in the Wuhan Province of China and has since been ravaging the world for over 9 months now! The deadly virus has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and has infected thousands of millions more! It is well known by now that the Virus doesn't discriminate amongst people and infects everyone, irrespective of them being rich or poor or from whatever social strata and their status. We have already lost a number of legendary actors, artistes, politicians and leading sportspersons to this Virus. Thankfully, many people who were infected by it have also recovered! Now, along the same vein, we have come to know that a legendary footballer has also been infected with the Corona Virus!

The Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho, who was an icon on the field and had a massive fan following, has now revealed that he has tested positive for the Virus. The 40-year-old former footballer took to his social media account to make this announcement. He confirmed that he has tested positive for COVID-19 and is now under self-isolation in the Brazilian city of Belo-Horizonte, where he arrived on Saturday. The football star took to his instagram account to post, "I've been here in BH since yesterday, I came to participate in an event. I took the test and tested positive for Covid. I'm fine, asymptomatic, but we'll have to leave the event for later. Soon we will be there together. Big hug! (sic)".

The Brazilian star was part of the star-studded national side which lifted the FIFA World Cup in 2002! He also had a very successful stint with the Barcelona Football Club, for whom he played 207 matches and scored 94 goals. He also won back-to-back FIFA World Player of the Year titles, while playing for Barca! In his career, he has also won the Champions League and 2 La Liga titles, apart from winning the prestigious Ballon d'Or, in 2005! After shifting to Milan from Barca, he won the Serie A title in 2011! Ronaldinho last played for the Brazilian club Fluminese, before retiring in 2015! This year however, has been quite troubled for Ronaldinho, as he was first arrested in Paraguay in March, for enterting the country on a fake passport. He was later released in August. We wish Ronaldinho, a very speedy recovery!