Actress Rekha was evicted from the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil in last night’s episode and the show enters its third week from today (October 19). Tonight’s episode will reveal the nominations of this week and the fans will have to extend their support to their favourite contestants for the next 5 days. Going by the earlier released promos, it looks like Suresh Chakravarthy and Aari are surely going to be in the danger zone and a few more contestants are also expected to be on that list. The second promo that was released today showcased Rio getting angry at Suresh Chakravarthy once again and the promo looked quite serious.

We will have to wait until the night to see if the argument was real or an edit gimmick. However, things have not been going well between Rio and Suresh for the past few days and we’ve been witnessing that.

Now, the third promo for tonight’s episode has now been released and in this promo, we see the housemates expressing their concerns over Velmurugan. Aranthangi Nisha is asked by Balaji Murugadoss to name a contestant who will fit the title of ‘No Comments Simply Waste’ and she points out her finger at Velmurugan. Similarly, Ramya Pandian says she would nominate Velmurugan. This makes the talented singer angry and he seems to have lost his cool.

Going by all the three promos, one can be sure that tonight’s episode is going to be packed with a lot of interesting moments. For now, check out the third promo of Bigg Boss 4 here: