The 45 hour clock marathon task will finally be coming to an end with tonight's episode and the results are also going to be revealed. The first promo which was released earlier this morning gave us a glimpse of the results and as per that, Archana's team has won the task with the least difference. Archana, Som, and Samyuktha were a team and they calculated the 9 hours with a small difference and the second-best team was Aajeedh - Jithan Ramesh - Shivani. As per the Bigg Boss' voice over heard in the promo, these 6 people will be eligible for the coming week's captaincy task and it is going to be interesting to see who will head the house.

Having said that, the second promo has now been released and this one is quite fun. We see Ramya Pandian imitating Shivani's mannerism and body language and it is good to watch. Aajeedh, Ramya, and Samyuktha have a good time talking about Shivani and Balaji. Ramya takes a dig on Shivani and says her only task in the house is to entertain Balaji throughout and the trio have a hearty laugh about it. Ramya Pandian's fans are enjoying this newly released promo and it has garnered good attention already.

Meanwhile, the house will also witness one eviction this weekend and the people of Tamil Nadu are expecting it to be Suchitra. 7 housemates have been nominated for eviction this week and it includes Aari, Balaji Murugadoss, Rio Raj, Som Shekar, Anitha Sampath, Suchitra and Samyuktha. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for Sunday's episode to know the results. For now, check out the second promo of today's Bigg Boss episode here: