The fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil has reached its climax and we will be witnessing the grand finale tonight (January 17) on Vijay TV from 6 PM. This 6 hour marathon episode will reveal the title winner of this season and the people of Tamil Nadu are eagerly looking forward to seeing the episode. The show started off with 16 original contestants and 2 wildcard contestants and among the 18, 12 of them were evicted and one person walked out with cash money. Aari, Ramya Pandian, Balaji Murugadoss, Som Shekar, and Rio Raj are the five finalists who are in contention to win the title. Vijay TV has now released the second promo for tonight’s episode and in this promo, we see Kamal Haasan giving us the lead to revealing the title winner.

He says he has the card that will reveal the title winner, but also adds that it is fun to make the finalists more tense by delaying the revelation. It is interesting to see the face reactions of the finalists who look both excited and tense. The promo also shows us a glimpse of the dance and singing performances of the evicted contestants including Samyuktha, Archana, and Aajeedh. The promo has garnered good attention from the viewers who are waiting for the special announcement.

Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4 has been a solid source of entertainment for the people of Tamil Nadu and there is no doubt that it made people hooked to their television sets amidst the pandemic. The makers of the show need to be appreciated for executing this show amid the Covid scare with all safety precautions and measures. The channel has also garnered good TRP ratings with Bigg Boss and it must have been a memorable journey for them, as well. In a way, this promo has also made the show’s ardent fans very emotional as the show will end tonight.

The last 100 days must have been a good time pass for the household audience who will now have to shift their focus towards other television programs. For now, check out the newly released promo teaser of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil here: