The stage is set for the Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 finale which will be taking place on Sunday, with the conclusion to the latest edition of the hit reality TV show to be telecast on Vijay TV and Hotstar. With 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan going to drop the announcement on who will be the Bigg Boss 4 winner, the show is expected to once again witness phenomenal ratings in line with the previous seasons. The five contestants who have made it to the Bigg Boss 4 finale are - Aari, Ramya Pandian, Balaji Murugadoss, Som Shekhar and Rio Raj - with the talk among fans on social media about the show and who will be crowned as the winner already at an all-time high. 

In the second promo for Saturday, we see host Kamal Haasan once again interacting with the five finalists and asking them about their experiences after speaking with the evicted contestants who recently made a re-entry in the Bigg Boss 4 house. We first see Ramya Pandian telling Kamal that she got to know about the developments outside of Bigg Boss, which has left her mighty surprised. She further reveals that she has become upset after the talks that have stemmed about her on social media regarding her activities on the show. Next, we see Rio Raj too telling Kamal that the evicted contestants presented a view of what was happening outside the Bigg Boss 4 house. He adds that he is feeling extremely hurt after hearing all that is being spoken about them outside. 

In response, Kamal Haasan states that he doesn't like how the five finalists are looking sad and refers to them as balloons that are losing air. He then tries to cheer and informs them that they will be happy once they step out of the Bigg Boss 4 house. Kamal adds that the contestants will be surprised to learn that their worries are unnecessary as there is another side to how things are. He finishes on a hopeful note evoking a big roar of laughter from Balaji, Aari, Rio, Ramya and Som. All sights will now be set on who will be adjudged the Bigg Boss 4 winner as the race to the finish line for more than three months has been intense one. 

Watch the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | 16th January 2021 - Promo 2 below: