Mechanical Engineer turned astrologer Balaji Haasan is famous for what he does. He predictions have worked many a times in the past. We got in touch with this renowned astrologer for an interview especially to know more about Thalapathy Vijay. The actor competition in film has always be Ajith Kumar, the clash continues for more than 2 decades now.  Not many know that the Vijay and Ajith acted together long back in a film called Rajavin Parvaiyile. Though both of them have always been good friends, their fans continue to spread a negative wave. Even today, when Vijay fans are busy trending their star with hashtags related to his birthday, Ajith fans have surpassed them with an even more trending hashtag NonpareilThaIaAJITH. We wanted to know more about Vijay and Ajith’s friendship and will they act together again in a film. Know what Balaji Haasan’s prediction has to say? 
“I have Ajith’s horoscope with me too just like Vijay’s, based on your question, I compared both Vijay and Ajith’s horoscope. I came to know that both Vijay and Ajith are very good friends but they also have a very healthy competition between them. At places, Vijay would let go of some things magnanimously when there is a clash between the two. There is a spirited battle between them since the beginning.” When asked if Ajith and Vijay would team up for a film in the future, Balaji Haasan said - “They will never act together, there 99.9% chance that Vijay and Ajith would never act together in a film.” Here is the full interview: