The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, originated in the Wuhan Province of China and has been wreaking havoc across the world! This deadly Virus has infected almost 8.5 million people and claimed the lives of over 450,000, so far. The United States is one of the worst hit countries by this Virus and has recorded over 2.2 million cases of Corona infections and nearly 120,000 deaths. For a very long time, the United States President Donald Trump and his administration have been blaming China for this Corona Virus and now he has done it again, at an election rally!

US President Trump calls COVID Kung Flu blaming China

Donald Trump has begun his campaign for re-election in the upcoming polls and addressed the first ever election rally after the COVID outbreak, in Tulsa, Oklahoma! At this election rally, Trump mentioned that the COVID is one of the worst diseases ever to hit mankind and that it has over 19 different names. He mentioned that one of the names for this Virus is Kung Flu, taking another dig at the ancient martial art form of China. This comes after Trump's administration has been blaming Beijing of suppressing information about the Corona Virus, for a long time!