An astrologer named Balaji Haasan based out from Salem in Tamil Nadu has become a sensation across the state after his predictions on 2019 Cricket World Cup’s semi-finalists and the Player of the Tournament turned out to be accurate. With his predictions turning out to be true most times, Galatta invited Balaji Haasan for an online live interaction for a special prediction on Thalapathy Vijay’s career. According to Balaji Haasan’s prediction, Vijay’s career would see a steep jump in the year 2025. Here is what Balaji Haasan had to say: 
“Vijay’s career will have steady progress till 2031 especially from 2025 to 2030, his career will see an unprecedented growth like never before. Between 2025 to 2030, Vijay will have one or two releases every year and all of them would become blockbusters. In the recent past, Vijay has had a mix of average hits, hits and blockbuster hits but from the month of October 2025, all his films for 6 years would be blockbuster hits. Vijay will become the box office king by 2025. People are still recognizing Vijay as a South India actor but from 2025, his fame would reach international markets. Vijay maybe the top actor in South India, but when you take the Indian market, on the whole, his name wouldn’t be in the top 5 but after 2025, Vijay’s will be the top star of Indian cinema.” 
When asked about how the next 3 years would be for Vijay, Balaji Haasan replied saying, “it wouldn’t be bad but won’t be great either.”