Director A.R.Murugadoss and Thalapathy Vijay share a very good rapport and the duo is known for delivering blockbuster films like Thuppakki, Kaththi and Sarkar. Having said that, in a recent Facebook live interaction, Murugadoss was all praise for Vijay and his talent. There were a lot of posts on social media of late stating that Vijay became a renowned face because of the support of his father, S.A.Chandrasekhar. However, Murugadoss denied this fact and said that Vijay’s current popularity and position in the industry is a result of his hard work and dedication.

He said, “Vijay sir is highly talented and he has come a long way. From Thuppakki to Kaththi, there was a drastic difference and growth in terms of his talent and dedication. Similarly, when I worked with him again in Sarkar, his growth was phenomenal and huge. During song shoots, he (Vijay) will just sit and observe the steps that are being practiced by the dance masters along with their assistants. He will run the steps on his mind and will be ready for take. He wouldn’t practice the steps before going for the take. He has got such a grasping power. Ask any director he has worked with, everyone will agree with this point.

A few people would tell that he became famous because of his influence and there would be a lot of theories, but reality is that if you do not have talent, you cannot survive in this industry. Any art form demands a talent and only when you possess that talent, you will be accepted. I have seen so many star kids who have disappeared in the past. Having an influential or a legendary personality as your father might help you to meet people, but it cannot help you to survive. Your talent and dedication is what will make you survive and I guess that is why Vijay sir is at top now. He has achieved it all by his talent.

Notably, Vijay and Murugadoss will be teaming up for the fourth time for the actor’s 65th film which is to be produced by Sun Pictures. In the same interaction, Murugadoss said that the announcement about the project will have to come from Sun Pictures and he cannot open up about it until then. Currently, Murugadoss is said to be making use of this lockdown period to give final touches to the script. The fans have got huge expectations on this project and let us hope that the announcement is made very soon.