Mankind might be held hostage at present to the coronavirus pandemic crisis, but wild animals are getting a breath of fresh air and are making their way up into urbans spaces to explore the relative calmness in major city streets across various parts of the world. Likewise, a big brown bear was recently filmed wandering in the parking lot of a supermarket in California in the United States, and entering and leaving the grocery store with a bag of chips and minding its own business. The video showing the brown bear grabbing a bag of chips and heading to the side of the building, and munching the snack right away, was shot by Adina Baidoo, and has since gone viral on social media, leaving many around the globe amused. 

The incident was captured earlier this week by Adina Baidoo on her mobile phone as she was leaving the Safeway store in Kings Beach at Lake Tahoe with her cart at around 9.30PM and miraculously had managed to avoid a near collision with the brown bear. Viewers can hear her saying in the video, "This bear… has gone into Safeway and has decided he’s going to go shopping,".

Baidoo has stated she saw the brown bear wandering near a garbage bin and eating some trash. As she returned after leaving her shopping bags, she was both surprised and shocked to witness it strolling in a casual manner on the aisle, while holding a bag of Tostitos chips in its mouth. She was quoted as saying by the local KUTV, "Someone made a high pitched sound that startled me so I looked up, and it is a good thing because I almost walked into the bear,". Fox News reported that no persons were injured and that the bear didn't cause any trouble to anybody before leaving the grocery store premises and wandering back to wherever it came from. 

Watch the video below: