We are fast approaching May, and one of the people’s favourites actor Ajith is turning a year older on May 1st. Fans of this Superstar have been planning to release special posters on his birthday. Now we are told that Ajith has personally requested his fans to not celebrate his birthday this year due to the lockdown situation. The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus, which has been declared a Pandemic and caused the whole world to go into lockdown mode, has led to the shutting down of many industries, cancelling of global sporting events too. The film industry is very much affected, it was the first industry to be shut down and it looks like the last one to reopen as well. This deadly virus spreads rapidly and thus, people are being advised to stay indoors and remain safe by following social distancing and self-quarantine protocols. 
Actors like Aadhav Kannadasan and Shanthnu have apparently gotten a call from Ajith’s office to not celebrate or release posters on his birthday. Their tweets read as follows: “Dear #Thala Fans Got a call from #Ajith sir’s office requesting not to hav any common DP for his bday and celebrate it during #Corona It was his personal request! As a fan and as a fellow actor & human would like to respect his words! Asked if i can tweet this and explain .. they said yes pls.. u can do that and tell them . Let us all wish everyone a healthy life during this #Pandemic !! #ThalaAjith was kind enuf to request us so let us respect his words ! Thank you all” - Aadhav 
“Got a request frm #Thala Ajith sirs’ office that he req personally not to release any CDP¬ to celebrate his bday during dis pandemic! I Respect his request, the ‘Gentleman’ that he is. Nevertheless,we will all def wish him on his bday&personally celebrate” - Shanthnu