Vishnu Vishal (Shakthi) is a Police constable who craves for Omelet. The villain who is a dangerous gangster dashes it out and he gets slammed by Vishnu. And, the game begins between them.

Vishnu Vishal has played his part well as a regular Police constable. Regina Cassandra looks good, but she does not have much to do in the story. Oviya is used absolutely as a glam doll. It is smart to cast Yogi Babu as villain’s sidekick, his humor work out in some places. Simgamuthu appears for a couple of scenes and his portions are enjoyable. Karunakaran misses hitting the right chord with comedy as his counter dialogues are flat.

There are plenty of artists who have been brought to bring out the laughter, but the packaging is weak and so the idea does not click. Mansoor Ali Khan and Anandaraj have been underutilized. Also, the characters are also sketched in a monotonous manner as the clarity is not evident. Too many artists exist who are not really required to the script, the addition appears to be an overdose and the film gives a clumsy feeling.

The songs are under the par as the tunes are not so exciting, the placements also disturb the flow of the movie, especially the first two tracks coming back to back within a short span of time. The cinematography is decent, it is apt and colorful for a rural flick. Editor Ruban has tried his best to present the film in a neat way, but the progression lets down the effort, the movie could have been crisper with a lesser number of characters.

The story is very thin but there are plenty of subplots that make this short script into a 2.5 hours movie. The flow is full of confusions as the situations are not steady with engaging commercial factors. There is something or the other keep on happening, but nothing has an effect on us. There was scope to build witty dialogues, but the fact has not been used properly as most of the humor scenes are mediocre. The movie does not care about logic even to a basic level.