Superstars should be selective: Sreenivasan

While talking to reporters in Kozhikode on Monday, renowned Malayalam screenwriter, actor, director and producer Sreenivasan said that the superstars of Malayalam cinema should be selective and stay away from bad films.

“There is no need for them to act in such films. They could very well wait for the right kind of films. They should realize that they have the power to decide the course of Malayalam cinema,” Sreenivasan said, adding that his latest release Makante Achan deals with a relevant theme and he enjoyed acting in all kinds of films.

“I have acted in films like Chidambaram and Oridathu considered to be art films. But I did not find acting in these any different from acting in other, more popular films,” he said. V.M. Vinu,�director of Makante Achan, said Sreenivasan has done full justice to his role in the film. “Now I would like to direct a film based on a script by Sreenivasan,” he added.