Bombshell Sameera Reddy, who is noticed for her curves and unique style of dressing, has her own likes and dislikes.

What she loves the most is, to cook for her friends and family. If not acting, it looks like she would have become a chef. The actress who has a rare shoe size, loves collecting foot wear and has over 100 pairs... Reading autobiographies is also her favourite passtime activity.

Just like many of us, bad odour does turns her off. Sam, as she is fondly called, is very attached to her pillow, and she carries its everywhere; she also have the habit of walking in sleep, which she finds amusing.

Feeling shy and giving saucy looks is only for the cameras, but in reality Sameera's ideal for romance is underwater and scuba diving, is one thing which she dreams of doing with her partner in future.

Well we hope you will find your ideal partner soon!