Thoothukudi: Six fishermen, who had been stuck on a boat for hours following engine failure, were rescued by fishermen from a nearby hamlet on Thursday.

According to sources, six fishermen from the Kallamozhi village had taken a fiber-reinforced plastic boat out to fish close to the dawn on Wednesday. They were around 21 nautical miles away from the Kulasekarapattinam shore when their boat sustained damages. Fearing the worst, the fishermen threw a bamboo pole into the sea, dived after it and began hanging on to the pole, abandoning the boat.

This had happened in the morning. Some fishermen from the nearby Punnakayal fishing hamlet spotted the men by night and took them to shore. They were treated at a private hospital and were later referred to the Government Thoothukudi Medical College. Reportedly, none of them had sustained any grievous injuries though they had to float in the water for around 12 hours.