We have all been going through testing times, brought on by the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus pandemic. This situation has brought about many changes in everybody's lives, both for the good as well as the bad! Sportspersons have been affected as badly as the rest of us and in some cases, even more so, as they have not been able to actively participate in their chosen streams and careers. Now, a shocking news in the life of one of Australia's international cricketers, has come to light! Australian international batsman Usman Khawaja has now gotten into the spotlight, that too for not the right reasons, because of his brother. News reports state that Usman Khawaja's elder brother has been arrested and given a jail sentence for implicating his colleague in a fake terror plot!

Usman Khawaja's elder brother Arsalan Tariq Khawaja, is said to have written a series of detailed threats, in a book belonging to his colleague Mohammed Kamer Nizamdeen and then handed it over to his project manager, at the University of New South Wales, in August 2018! The case has since been under investigation and we hear that the 40-year-old Arsalan had misled the authorities by stating that he had just come across the book. Nizamdeen was since arrested but further investigations revealed the book to be a hoax. Now, it has been revealed that Arsalan did such a terrible thing, after becoming jealous of Nizamdeen for becoming close with a mutual female friend. The judge who heard the case, stated that Arsalan wanted Nizamdeen out of the picture and that was the reason behind him doing such a deed.

The Judge delivered a jail sentence of 4 years and 6 months for Arsalan but since he has already been in custody from 2018, the sentence would be calculated from then. We hear that Arsalan would be eligible for parole, next year! Reports reveal that Arsalan had planted fake evidence of bomb & weapons training, attacks in Australia and abroad, targetting former Prime Minister Turnbull, attacks during the Boxing Day Cricket match and other places. This indeed comes as a shocking turn of events for Usman Khawaja, the first player of Pakistan origin to play Test Cricket for Australia! A left-handed top-order batsman, Khawaja made his international debut for Australia on January 3rd, 2011! He has so far played in 44 Tests, & 40 ODIs for Australia.