The entire world has been blaming China for the outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic. The US President Donald Trump went to the extent of calling it the China Virus and has for long been very outspoken about the way China had been lying about the spread of the Virus, as well as the way it had handled the outbreak. Now, it looks like Trump's words did hold more than just a grain of truth! Reports state that some leaked documents from a hospital in the Wuhan Province of China, reveal that the Asian nation had indeed not revealed the actual level of the spread of the virus and had suppressed quite a lot of information, which could very well have led to the virus turning into a Pandemic.

A 117-page document titled - "Internal Document, please keep confidential", which is said to belong to the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control & Prevention, is said to have revealed the Chinese government giving out false data. These leaked documents, which have been accessed by a prominent media house, have proven that China may have mishandled the COVID-19 situation in their country, at the very beginning of the outbreak. This includes misleading the public about the data as well as huge delays in diagnosing new infections. Sources state that the document detailed a total of 5,918 newly identified COVID cases on February 10, which is almost double of the official number of confirmed cases for the day. 

This leaked document is said to have been verified by six different independent experts and it goes on to show how the Wuhan Province region struggled to manage the COVID outbreak between October 2019 and April 2020. The document also outlined how inflexible the healthcare system was, as well as the tight government bureaucracy. It also quoted that the rigid procedures which were not adequately equipped to deal with rising crisis. The clear difference in the data that the officials knew and what they reported to the public, was detailed in the leaked documents. However, the clear reason behind the origin of the Virus is yet to be known. Earlier, there have also been a number of accusations against China that the government had silenced whistleblowers from revealing details of the COVID outbreak to the outside world!