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Sa Boo Thri: On love and confusion!

  Sa Boo Thri: On love and confusion!
By Kaanchan [ March 18, 2009 ]

Sa Boo Thri: On love and confusion!

Love is a mysterious feeling that creeps up on you from behind and strips you of sanity. This may not be your description, but that's pretty much the essence of Harshad Khan's directorial debut Sa Boo Thri! Love is the theme – main or subsidiary�– of every Kollywood movie; our directors take great pains trying to differentiate their love stories from the�others that hit the screen. Harshad has made a film on a confused guy�in love. He loves one lady, almost gets engaged to another, finds a caring lover in another and is finally�forced to make a choice, which has him totally confused.

Playing this confused guy is debutant Akshay. Acting as his�sidekicks are Prajin and Harshad. Prajin plays a married man who is so caught up in his software engineer's life that he has no time for family. Harshad is the lady-crazy fellow who lusts for older women! Music�is by Abdul Rafiq, who has worked with A.R. Rahman, which raises the expectations for the music. The�odd thing about this movie is that the director, producer and actors�are all from the same college – KCC!

Sa Boo Thri is expected hit screens towards the end of May.