For the past few days, the entire social media is abuzz about Vanitha Vijaykumar’s wedding and the controversies that followed after. The Bigg Boss 3 contestant got married to VFX Supervisor Peter Paul on June 27 in Chennai amidst the lockdown, in the presence of selective guests. However, post the wedding, Peter Paul’s first wife Elizabeth Helen came out and demanded justice. People like Suriya Devi, producer Ravindar Chandrasekhar came in support of Elizabeth Helen and condemned Vanitha Vijayakumar’s activities.

With so much going around, Vanitha and Peter Paul came together for an interview on Vanitha’s YouTube channel and the said interview has already garnered a lot of attention among the people of Tamil Nadu. Peter Paul explained his side of the story and it got a mixed reception from the audience. Following the interview, Elizabeth Helen strongly condemned the attitude and behaviour of Peter Paul and said that his words have depressed her.

Actress Kasthuri Shankar of Indian and Bigg Boss fame came in support of Elizabeth and interacted with her through an interview for Galatta Media. Kasthuri also condemned Vanitha’s behaviour on Twitter and asked her to maintain her limits. However, Kasthuri’s words irked Vanitha and eventually that lead to a strong exchange of words and emotions on the micro blogging platform. Kasthuri and Vanitha had a heated argument after which Vanitha said that she will be blocking Kasthuri.

Vanitha tweeted, "Going on YouTube trying to act like a saint and role playing as lawyer and judge is against law when it is not legal platform just to create a publicity stunt probing into someone's personal is the cheapest possible creature @KasthuriShankar @LakshmyRamki lay off ur drama". Kasthuri replied to this by tweeting, "Look who is talking. Take your private life off youtube then talk. Hypocrite. Stop your cyber abuse, whole world saw your potty mouth against madam Lakshmi. No TV show friends here to conveniently edit out your expletives. You are exposing yourself, no one else is to blame."

In return, Vanitha said, "You can't take off your nude pictures off internet can u… @KasthuriShankar u think ur perfect just because no one is bothered about ur boring sick life..and all ur butting into politics and acting like some experienced lawyer or journalist..when it doesn't involve u the decent ting to do is stay away." The argument has created a huge buzz on social media and let us hope things settle down as soon as possible. Check out the tweets below: