A shocking incident came to light on Friday after a 25-year-old man was arrested for allegedly raping a woman admitted at a COVID care centre in Navi Mumbai. The high-rise apartment had the accused quarantined along with the woman and many other people. Over 1,000 apartments at the complex were recently acquired by the municipal corporation to isolate the COVID-19 patients. The police in their statement have said that the coronavirus test results of the accused are awaited. 

The accused was quarantined on the second floor of the 15-storey the building on Thursday after members of his family had tested positive for COVID-19. Police alleged that the man climbed onto the fifth floor where the woman was placed in quarantine along with several other people. The man had made his entry into the woman's room after introducing himself as a doctor, a senior Navi Mumbai Police Official stated. The accused had then sexually assaulted the woman and returned to his room. A nurse who had come to check was informed by the woman about what had happened. The police were then notified by the nurse immediately. The accused was identified with the help of the nurse, who was given a description of the man by the woman. 

A case of rape was filed against the man on Friday with the police currently awaiting his COVID-19 test results. In their statement, the police said they have requested for the coronavirus test report of the accused on the basis of high priority. If the test results prove to be negative, the accused will be taken into custody. In case the man tests COVID-19 positive, policemen outside his apartment for the duration of his quarantine period will be deployed after which necessary action will be enforced.