September 19th was eagerly waited for by lakhs and crores of Thalapathy fans, for this was the day of Vijay's upcoming movie Bigil's audio release. They were expectantly waiting to listen to the speech of their favourite star and if lucky, even get to hear him sing for them, on stage. Happily for them, all their expectations and more were completely satisfied by their Thalapathy! After almost the entire cast and crew of Bigil got on stage and finished their speeches, the much awaited speech of Thalapathy Vijay began. He got on stage and when everybody expected him to start speaking, he began singing!

Vijay at Bigil Audio launch

Thalapathy Vijay started off with, "Thank you nanbas... Thank you nanbis" and began singing the 'Verithanam' song! When he got to the line about the 'Pullaingo', he added a cute little jig while standing on the spot! This cute little dance move of his, took all his fans by surprise and various fan videos of Thalapathy Vijay singing and dancing, are going viral online! Following the song, Vijay thanked all the fans as being the only employers in the whole world to celebrate their employees (actors) by getting them on stage.

Thalapathy Vijay at Bigil audio launch

Vijay's speech was packed with punchlines and hints at sarcastic takes. He touched upon various subjects including online trolling, online fans wars, the recent Subashree's death, politics, sports, Atlee, AR Rahman, Save Nesamani hashtag and stressed upon the point that people were not going about the right way in arresting the actual criminals in the Subashree death case. He also emphatically asked that his fans and followers not be harmed in any way!

Thalapathy Vijay Bigil Audio launchThalapathy Vijay at Bigil audio launch

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Thalapathy Vijay at Bigil audio launch