As the state of Tamil Nadu is gearing up to witness the Assembly Elections in 2021, the political parties are also planning their alliances and election strategies. A couple of days back, the ruling AIADMK party quashed all speculations over their Chief Minister candidate and announced the incumbent CM Edappadi K Palaniswami as their CM candidate. Just 2 days back, Kamal Haasan had also held an important meeting with the top members of his party, regarding the upcoming elections. Superstar Rajinikanth had also made an announcement regarding his political party, recently. However, today evening saw some huge political ripples being created in the TN political circles. There was an announcement in the media that Thalapathy Vijay had started a political party and had even registered it with the Election Commission!

The news began spreading like wildfire and almost instantly became the talk of the town and also began trending on social media. However, even Vijay's fans were left in disbelief, as this came as a sudden shock to them. The news also informed that Vijay's Makkal Iyakkam had been registered as a Political party under the name of All India Thalapathy Makkal Iyakkam. Top political leaders had also responded to this development and the TN CM EPS also commented that Vijay had all the rights to start a political party as India is a democratic country and anybody could do it. While everybody were still trying to digest this news, Vijay's father - veteran director, producer and actor SA Chandrasekar issued a statement that this political party was in fact started by him and that Vijay had not initiated it. He went on to clarify that he had started the party in the interest of the members of Vijay Makkal Iyakkam and that it was his own initiative. SAC also mentioned that only Vijay can answer if he would become a part of this political party in the future.

Shortly after this drama began unfolding, Thalapathy Vijay issued an official statement to clear the air and explain his stance on the whole issue! Vijay's statement mentioned that he had come to know about the political party started by his father, only through the media reports. He also clarified to his fans and the public, that he has no link to the party directly or indirectly. Vijay's statement also went on to state that any activities of his father's political party in the future also, would not influence or impact him in any way. He went on to dissuade his fans from joining the party or working for it, just because his father had started it and reiterated that he and his fans & members of Vijay Makkal Iyakkam had nothing to do with the political party started by his father. The statement also went on to warn anybody of misusing his name, photo or the name of the All India Thalapathy Vijay Makkal Iyakkam and mentioned that strict action would be taken in such instances.

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