Recently, Suresh Chakravarthy was evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4 and he walked out of the house with the least number of votes. His eviction came as a shocker for the majority as he was considered to be one of the very interesting contestants of this season. Right from the beginning, he gave a tough fight to all the other housemates and his strategic game plan was widely enjoyed by the people of Tamil Nadu. Despite his age, he gave his best and was sportive in various tasks. Suresh was dearly called as 'Thatha', both inside the house and outside the house. His eviction made everyone emotional. Gabriella and Archana shed tears and were emotionally broken when Suresh made his way out.

However, he looked quite happy and content with the results. While talking to Kamal Haasan after the eviction, Suresh Chakravarthy said that he gained a very good experience inside the house, adding that he was completely happy. However, Suresh maintained a lowkey profile for the last few days. Whenever a contestant gets evicted from the Bigg Boss house, he/she interacts with their followers and well-wishers through interviews or live videos and those interactions attract a good viewership.

With that being said, Suresh Chakravarthy interacted with his fans and followers through his official YouTube channel and his interaction has garnered good attention on social media. During the interaction, Suresh shared his experience of being inside the house. He clarified and made it clear that the show is not scripted and added that all his reactions were out of his own and not forced by anyone. One of the fans asked about his disagreements with Samyuktha in the last few days and Suresh responded to that question by saying, "Sam was the Captain of that week and she needed to act responsibly. She shouldn't have let out words when she wasn't sure. She broke the rule. In a court, only the Lawyers and the Judge is allowed to speak. In my case, Samyuktha was neither my lawyer nor the opponent's.

In that case, she shouldn't have spoken anything. We should respect the Court and its time. I did not want anyone else to do it and that is why I reacted in that way. As a Captain, she shouldn't have done that. In fact, I spat on her after coming out. Was that shown on TV? I spat on her". Well, it looks like we have missed seeing that. Vijay TV would have edited out that portion for various reasons and through Suresh's confession, we've understood that a lot of portions have been deleted. For now, check out Suresh Chakravarthy's live video here: