Suresh Chakravarthy is someone who is known for his bold and straightforward comments. During his stint in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil, he earned a huge support from the audience and also played a key role in popularising the show among the masses. Suresh's sportive character made everyone love him and now that, he is evicted, people are looking forward to his re-entry. After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, Suresh Chakravarthy has been sharing his comments and opinions about several housemates. Having said that, the former television anchor took to his Twitter page to share a sarcastic comment about Archana.

In last night's (December 1) episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, we saw Archana and Aajeedh conversing in the Call Centre task. Aajeedh asked if Archana has nominated anyone from her gang (Rio, Aranthangi Nisha, Gabriella, Som Shekar, Jithan Ramesh) for the nomination process in all these weeks. Archana revealed that she has nominated only the ones with whom she had disagreements and differences of opinion. Archana clarified that she nominates people from her set for the 'Uninteresting performer of the week' and cited examples of the same. Her answer and Aajeedh's questions received a good response from the fans and their conversation was one of the good moments in the show.

However, Suresh Chakravarthy does not feel the same. He says that Archana is acting and tells that people should build a temple and worship her. Suresh tweeted, "Agatha aatha ungalukku Koil katti ARCHANai seiyanum. Super award winning acting". Below this tweet, one of the followers of the show commented saying, Suresh was one sided and stood in Archana's side, citing an incident. The fan's comment read, "When you were inside, you were also one of the Ching-Chak to her. Ex: you left the dinning table without eating cuz someone annoyed Archana".

Suresh had an interesting reply to the fan and his response has got a good reception. Suresh revealed that he did not support her, but took a back seat to make people realise her true colours. Suresh replied, "Not chick Chang but took a back seat and allowed her to perform. This got people to know what she is truthfully". The fans are eagerly waiting for the re-entry of Suresh Chakravarthy inside the Bigg Boss house, but, practically, it looks quite impossible. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the official updates.

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