Hollywood actress Lucy Lawless requested fans to raise funds for the aneurysm surgery costs for her stunt woman friend, Dayna Grant, who fell ill in New Zealand. Having worked with Lawless on her hit TV show, Xena: Warrior Princess, she has also been a part of several big budget blockbusters. Grant had earlier this year worked on Amazon Studios' upcoming multi-million Lord of the Rings television series, which is currently being filmed in New Zealand. Since then, she has worked in around four other productions, while also overseeing work at her weekend stunt school before falling ill. As of now, it is unknown which production Grant was working on when the aneurysm was discovered. 

According to a 'Give a little' crowdfunding page that was created on Monday, Dayna Grant had undertaken CT and MRI scans sometime back after which the 8mm aneurysm and neck injuries were discovered. Taking to Twitter, the stuntwoman in a tearful video expressed her gratitude to all those who had donated towards her treatment. She says, "Hi everyone, I just wanted to say this. I'm absolutely speechless with all the love and support from everyone all around the world. I can't write it in a message, I just wanted to reply to all of you but I can't. Thank you so much!"

Lucy Lawless tweeted out requesting contributions for Dayna Grant's surgery with the hashtag 'XenaLove'. She wrote, "Help me help our dear friend, Xena Stuntwoman, @Daynastunts get emergency brain surgery after head injury on set for an upcoming project. She has made actresses look cool on horseback and fighting on #WonderWoman, #MadMax, SnowWhite, #Xena, #AshvsEvilDead." Sharing the link to the 'Give a little' crowdfunding page, she posted another tweet saying, "For every Xena fan or #AshVsEvil Dead fan who donates, I will match you dollar for dollar till we get the job done. This woman deserves all the love. Put #XenaLove on your donation and I’ll match you!" Lawless concluded, "Thankyou to all those beautiful people who are helping get our friend the emergency brain surgery she needs. I will match you dollar for dollar if you put #XenaLove on your donation. So ⁦@Daynastunts⁩ can #FeelTheLove" The page has raised over $NZ67,000 till Tuesday towards Grant's surgery and has exceeded the fundraising goal in one day. 

Dayna Grant has three children and owns a stunt school in New Zealand called NZ Stunt School. Apart from her work on the Lord of the Rings and Xena TV shows, Grant’s credits include Wonder Woman 1984, Mad Max: Fury Road, Mulan, The Meg, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Spartacus, Snow White and the Huntsman, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, 30 Days of Night, King Kong, including the upcoming Avatar 2. She appeared as one of the Themysciran competitors from the opening sequence in Wonder Woman 1984 and has written and produced a short titled Reins of War