Maalavika Sundar who rose to fame and attained popularity with the television reality show, Super Singer, is now a prominent singer in Tamil and Telugu cinema. The talented singer has several chartbuster songs to her credit and has a solid fan following as well. Recently, Maalavika received a series of inappropriate messages from one of her followers and those messages were related to sex. It came as a shocker for Maalavika's followers and her well wishers extended their support to her. Sharing the guy's profile, Maalavika requested her followers to report the id. Following that, Maalavika took to her Instagram page to talk in detail about the entire incident.

Talking in a video, Maalavika said, "I am here to talk about what happened recently. This person who sent me messages, his name is smoke (with some special characters and symbols). This is not the first time for me and I am sure it is not so for several other women as well. We all would have been molested or received such messages and comments. This message is not going to bother me like how it did for the first time. We all move on. But, these messages do something when you read them. I am not able to put it into words, but I feel disturbed when such messages come my way. Why are these people sending these inappropriate messages?.

What goes through their mind and what instigates them? A lot of questions raise on my mind when I come across such incidents. I breathe heavily and I am sure a lot of people will relate to this feeling. This is happening frequently on social media. I got messages from people who told me that they've reported the id. After I posted the screenshots of the messages, that guy apologized to me and told me that his friend sent those messages without his knowledge. I wonder why people do this. A lot of wonderful things are happening on social media and we are working towards our life goals. Why would somebody do this? To all those people who send indecent and lustful messages like these, I am sure there would be women in your lives too. Would you send these messages to your mother, sister, or friends?.

Or how would you feel when some other guy sends these messages to your family's women?. People told me to ignore these texts. I am definitely going to ignore it, but I thought I would at least discuss about this with the people here. To the ones who are in the receiving end of these messages, when you feel disturbed, talk to your closest ones and open up about your feelings. Don't bottle it up,". Check out the full video posted by Maalavika Sundar here: