Recently, a poster featuring Vaigaipuyal Vadivelu started circulating on social media and the poster created a curiosity among the fans. The poster was that of a film titled Detective Nesamani and it had Vadivelu in a stylish makeover as a detective. As per the poster, Detective Nesamani's director was Rambhala (Dhillukku Dhuddu and Lollu Sabha fame) and the producer was CV Kumar (of Thirukumaran Entertainment). Ghibran's name was also found in the poster and he was credited as the music director. Though there was no official clarity on the project, the poster excited the fans who were waiting for Vadivelu's comeback. Following all the speculations and confusion over the authenticity of the project, the official clarification regarding the film has now been made.

Producer CV Kumar has officially confirmed that no project has been planned with Vadivelu and he called the speculation to be fake. The poster was nothing but just a fan made design. CV Kumar, on his official Facebook page wrote, "Fake news uhh இருந்தாலும் ஓரு நியாயம் வேண்டாமாப்பா … ஆனா தலைவர் டிசைன்ல சூப்பர்ப்பா …. யாருப்பா நீ … எனக்கே உன்ன பாக்கணும்ணு ஆசையா இருக்கு …..". Though he has now clarified the project to be fake, can we expect a film starring Vadivelu under the production of CV Kumar in the next few years?. Let us keep our fingers crossed until then.

Vadivelu was last seen acting in Thalapathy Vijay's Mersal, directed by Atlee. The fans have been eagerly waiting to witness Vadivelu's comeback, but it looks like the wait has been delayed by a few more months. On the other hand, CV Kumar is currently busy with his third directorial project, Kottravai: The Legacy, for which the teaser released recently, opening to a positive reception. As a producer, CV Kumar has films like 4G, Jango, and Titanic Kadhalum Kavundhu Pogum lined up for release. For now, check out CV Kumar's official clarification regarding the project, Detective Nesamani, here: