Last month saw the launch of the Colors TV Tamil channel amidst much fanfare as it was announced that actor Arya would be featuring in one of the channel’s shows which would revolve around him.

The show titled Enga Veetu Maapilai, which is about female fans of Arya pursuing the actor in an attempt to marry him in real life by the end of the show’s run.

Ratings for Enga Veetu Maapilai show have been off the roof with many claiming it has emerged to be a successor to another hit reality TV show, Bigg Boss, which aired on a different channel.

That said, Enga Veetu Maapilai is said to have faced few troubles now in the form of women activists taking to protest after the organizers planned to shoot some portions in one of the contestant’s homes.

The women activists have termed the show to be against the Tamil culture in contrary to the show’s organizers who have said the show is not doing anything wrong as being perceived.

As for the show, Arya’s friends namely Shaam, Bharath and Kalaiarasan have stateed contestant Abaranthi could be the soulmate for the actor after watching the episodes aired so far.

Fans of the show will know Arya to be getting along with all the contestants and this makes it a bit difficult for them to arrive at a conclusion at this point whom the actor will choose to be his soulmate.