Those who have been following the Cook with Comali show would be knowing that today's (March 14) episode will witness an eviction. In the earlier released promo, it was revealed that Ashwin Kumar and Pavithra Lakshmi would face off in the elimination round and the promo had gone viral on social media. It also came as a big worry for a lot of fans who did not want Ashwin to leave the show. The much-awaited eviction results are now officially out and it is actress Pavithra Lakshmi who will no longer be a part of the show. In Saturday's episode of Cook with Comali, Kani Thiru and Pugazh won the advantage task. The Sunday's episode has now been uploaded on Disney + Hotstar streaming platform and those with the VIP and Premium subscriptions can watch the episode.

Through the episode, it has been confirmed that Pavithra is eliminated from the show. Both Ashwin and Pavithra picked broccoli as their main ingredient for the elimination round and it looks like Ashwin's dish has impressed Chef Venkatesh Bhatt. When Bhatt announces the elimination result, we see Sivaangi breathing a big sigh of relief, after knowing that Ashwin is saved and will continue in the show. Pavithra's elimination has made Pugazh, Bala, and other contestants of the show very emotional and we get to see that in the visuals. Pavithra has earned a very good fan base through this show and it is unfortunate that she will not be a part anymore.

However, she will come back once again during the wildcard round and that could give her the chance to become a finalist. Pavithra is the fifth contestant to be eliminated from the second season of Cook with Comali after Madurai Muthu, Dheepa, Dharsha Gupta, and Rithika. The remaining four contestants who are alive in the competition include Baba Baskar Master, Shakeela, Kani Thiru, and Ashwin. One more elimination is expected to take place in the next two weeks after which we will witness the wild card round. For those who do not have the VIP or Premium subscriptions of Disney + Hotstar will have to watch the show on Vijay TV at 6.30 PM in the evening, today.

The second season of Cook with Comali has turned out to be a phenomenal success and it has got a massive reach among social media users and household audience.