Popular Odisha actor Bobby Mishra was questioned by the Nayapalli Police on Saturday after his neighbor Tapi Mishra claimed in his complaint that he had misbehaved and quarrelled with him. The Ollywood actor was later released with a notice of Section 41 of CrPC under the condition that he would appear before the police when he is summoned. According to reports, Tapi, who himself is also an actor, lodged a complaint at the Nayapalli police station stating that Bobby had misbehaved over a car parking issue. Furthermore, the complainant stated that Bobby threatened him on Friday evening using the name of gangster Raja Acharya, while also alleging that he spoke abusive words against his wife when he had come to the police station to file the complaint. 

In a statement, Tapi Mishra said, "Bobby Mishra always creates nuisance and yesterday he shoved me and threatened me over parking of a vehicle. There were three to four persons with him. I panicked as the actor threatened me by taking gangster Raja Acharya’s name." According to the FIR, Nayapalli Police officials called both Bobby Mishra and Tapi Mishra to question them regarding the incident. Addressing the allegations, Bobby refuted saying his brother had parked his vehicle at Tapi's parking place. He stated that Tapi pulled over his car at the spot that was allotted for his brother after which the two had gotten involved in a quarrel. Bobby said, "My brother had parked his vehicle at Tapi Mishra's parking space and some argument took place over it yesterday. I have not threatened anybody using any gangster’s name."