Natural Star Nani is on a roll and has been having an amazing 2019 with his movie Jersey turning out to become one of the biggest hits of Tollywood, in this year. His Gang Leader also came in for a lot of acclaim and he is currently waiting for the release of V (his landmark 25th film) and Tuck Jagadish. Earlier we informed our readers that Nani’s V will skip the theatrical release and go for a direct OTT release. This news has created a huge buzz on the internet, considering the fact that V is a highly anticipated film which has got huge expectations among the fans. It happens to be Nani’s 25th film and hence the fans expected to watch the film in the theatres with celebrations. Now, Nani has made this news official on his Twitter page with a statement that reads as follows: 
“To my fans, well wishers and extended family here. These are not regular times and this is not going to be a regular experience. My 25th is special and now it will be even more for so many reasons. Let's make it a memorable one. Let's celebrate V this September 5th. These 12 years you came to the theaters for me and it's time I come home and say thank you! I will be as excited and nervous to hear from you all on the release day. Ps: When theatres open, Tuck Jagadish will take over. Promise!” 
Amazon Prime Video has acquired the streaming rights of V for a whopping price and it will be released in the first week of September (on Sept 5). The news is now officially confirmed by the makers and let us wait for 5th to watch and cherish V on our very own screens from home. Nani in a video statement talks about home watching experience of V - “The theatre watching experience is going to come home, our house is going to be transformed into a theatre. Midnight shows are going to be screened. The first day first show rush is going to begin. The tension and nervousness before a release. I have been missing it a lot. I know you have been missing that excitement too. That’s why, ‘V’ have an announcement.”