Facebook is flooded with reviews and comments on ace director S.S. Rajamouli's latest Naan Ee, which is releasing today. One of the moviegoers, who watched the film at a premiere show on Thursday night, wrote that Naan Ee was unspeakable and hilarious!
He wrote: "What if a housefly chases you wherever you go and attacks/irritates you all the day with its annoying buzz at your ears, circling around the neck and entry into the nose and eyes! Imagine you can't get rid of it and can't sleep, eat, drive or do anything just because of a f**king housefly!!!! Most importantly, what if the housefly does all these because it wants to avenge you... Don't tell me "don't be silly!", because you've not yet understood what I am telling... Just go and watch S.S. Rajamouli's latest film "Naan Ee" and you would realize what a silly housefly is capable of in disturbing our life!!!
"I am just back after watching the film and I can assure you that it's a never-watched-before film. It was an unique and unspeakable experience for me to watch a movie that completely revolves around the life of a housefly. It's like zooming your eyeballs from a macro level to a micro level, where life has its own beauty!!! The perspective changes; so is the level of our enjoyment. I am thoroughly impressed by Rajamouli's work and I appreciate him for taking the mammoth task of making a film with a housefly as a lead character. The film is going to be a runaway hit for sure!," he further said.