In a shocking incident, Mexican actress and singer Tania Mendoza was shot dead by two gunmen on a motorcycle in front of the Unidad Felinos Deportiva complex located in the Morelos city of Cuernavaca around 6:30 pm on Tuesday, the country's news outlets have reported. She was 42. Mendoza, who had earlier been kidnapped a decade ago, was gunned down as she was waiting to pick up her 11-year-old son at a football academy. According to reports, one of the gunmen entered the football training campus and shot several rounds before evading the crime scene with his accomplice. Despite the paramedics and police rushing to the spot, she was declared dead. 

Mendoza garnered popularity after starring in a lead role in the 2005 film La Mera Mera Reyna del Sur. Back in 2010, she and her husband were running a car wash business when they were kidnapped along with their son, who was six months old at the time. They were beaten up after being taken to a safehouse and were released many hours later by their masked abductors. Upon their release from captivity, the kidnappers called Mendoza  a few days later to extort money, while demanding that she leave Morelos. She later filed a complaint with the Morelos State Attorney General's Office citing death threats after the kidnapping incident. Police officials are yet to issue a statement on the gunmen who killed her and the death threats she had earlier received. In her 20-year career, Mendoza also had to her credit five regional Mexican albums that include 'No nos llamaron', 'Amanecí en tus Brazos', 'Golpe Traidor', 'Sangre en las Piedras' and 'Te Cambié' outside of her work as an actor.