Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, the Indian government announced a nation-wide lockdown on March 25th! This lockdown was extended to the second phase till May 3rd, on April 15th! However, with the number of people being affected by the Corona Virus not coming down, the lockdown was extended to a third phase, till May 17th! Today marks the last day of this phase of the lockdown and various states are going ahead and announcing further developments, based on the situation in their respective limits! Earlier today, the Maharashtra government announced that it would be extending the lockdown in that state till May 31st and now, the Tamil Nadu Government has followed suit!

Lockdown extended in Tamil Nadu till May 31

An announcement from the Tamil Nadu Government states that the lockdown in the state would be extended till May 31st! 12 districts including Chennai, which are considered to be in the Red Zone, will continue following all the earlier lockdown restrictions, imposed on them. However, the TN Government has announced some relaxations in the lockdown rules for the remaining 25 districts in the state! People within these 25 districts in Tamil Nadu will no longer need an e-pass to travel within their own districts and the limit on employees in organizations in districts outside of the Chennai City limits has also been increased. However, the government has still announced that people should not be coming outside their houses, unnecessarily!