Singer Krishnakumar Kunnath (KK) has been a prominent name in the music scene in Indian movies. He was easily one of the most versatile singers in the Indian music industry. He recorded songs in multiple languages including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Bengali, Assamese and Gujarati. His untimely death after a concert in Kolkata on 31 May 2022 shook the film fraternity and made waves across India. Being only 53 years of age, KK had sung some incredible hit songs in Tamil that are still widely recognized to this day and has in turn become a huge part of Tamil pop-culture. In his memory, let us look at some of his most memorable songs (in no particular order of importance): 

1) Kalloori Saalai - Kadhal Desam: This was KK's debut track into the Tamil cinema. After making his big Kollywood debut with this song composed by A.R. Rahman, KK made a name for himself and there has been no looking back ever since.

2) Strawberry Kannae - Minsara Kanavu: This song featuring Prabhu Deva and Kajol became an iconic hit song for KK's amazing singing accompanied with the catchy and melodious tunes provided by A.R. Rahman. 

3) Love Pannu - 12B: KK gave it his best for the peppy song featuring Shaam and Jyothika in this Harris Jayaraj musical. It has since then become a very well known song among the youths. 

4) Uyirin Uyirae - Kaakha Kaakha: This fast-paced song about love hit the viewers right in the feels with KK's amazing ability to express feelings and emotions through lyrics alone. His singing along with Harris Jayaraj's music composition made this song an instant hit among city folks and a go-to for many people. 

5) Kalyanam Than Kattikittu - Saamy: This kuthu number yet again composed by Harris Jayaraj showed off KK's ability to adapt to any genre of music. The song is full of energy and power and KK does not hold back to give it his all. The song went on to become a huge hit across the whole of Tamil Nadu. 

6) Ninaithu Ninaithu - 7G Rainbow Colony: By this time, he had paired up with Yuvan Shankar Raja and together they both churned out this melodious song which was sung & talked about for ages then and still being sung & talked about now. 

7) Kadhalikkum Aasai - Chellamae: This playful and groovy song became an instant hit for its catchy beats, powerful lyrics and great singing - all thanks to KK for bringing the words to life. He absolutely killed it in this song composed by Harris Jayaraj.

8) Appadi Podu - Ghilli: Easily one of the most recognizable and best songs from this list, it is no doubt that this was one of KK's best. This kuthu song can still be heard being played in various Tamil households. Given the immense influence behind the song (with Vijay and Trisha dancing to it to Vidyasagar's composition), it would not have been possible without the voice of someone like KK. 

9) Andangakka Kondakkari - Anniyan: This smash hit composed by Harris Jayaraj once again was only part of a cultural phenomenon in later times for the great delivery by KK and his unique style of singing. 

10) Kadhal Valarthen - Manmathan: KK did not hold back to this emotional song and made sure that the song hit us the viewers exactly where he wanted it to hit. The result was the song being considered one of the most sentimental songs sung by KK. It holds a special place in the hearts of music lovers till date. 

11) Pani Thuli - Kanda Naal Muthal: This soulful romantic track instantly touches your heart and makes you vibe along. Yuvan Shankar Raja's mesmerising music was beautifully complemented by KK's natural rendition and the track emerged as one of the cult classic numbers in Tamil cinema's music. 

12) Mudhal Naal - Unnale Unnale: KK along with Pop Shalini and Mahalakshmi Iyer gave us a song that resonated with audience from various walks of life. His powerful voice along with his ability to turn lyrics into such beautiful sounds was picked up by people almost instantly.