Popular Hindi television serial actor Zeeshan Khan had suffered a setback during his attempt to board a flight in his bathrobe in order to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. Zeeshan had shared a video on his YouTube channel in which he can be seen in a bathrobe while trying to board a flight from Goa. Sharing the part 1 video, including a teaser which went instantly viral, Zeeshan Khan is seen explaining to a girl his intention to make a world record with his stunt. That said, Air India staff then approach the actor-vlogger to inform him that travelling aboard a flight in a bathrobe is not permissible. 

Speaking about the stunt, Zeeshan says, "Well, I feel we have one life and we should completely make the most of it. Who decides it's inappropriate to wear a bathrobe in public. If I'm comfortable, then what's the issue? And I believe in doing what I want to. For me, there is one life and I am here to make the most of it, challenge the norms and question them because some of them honestly are followed blindly."

Zeeshan, who has been a part of the hit Hindi TV serial Kumkum Bhagya since his first appearance in 2019, has gone on to garner a huge youth following. He had recently also spoken about his casting couch experience during an interview to SpotboyE and said, "Firstly, I believe the casting couch, one of the horrible truths of the industry, should not exist. When I was new, I was told that I won't make it big and was laughed at when I declined an offer of compromise. And that incident was heartbreaking. It breaks the spirits of many such actors. But I still made it to the top with my hard work. Who's laughing now?"

Check out Zeeshan's attempts to board a flight in his bathrobe below: