The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 is fast nearing the grand finale and things are heating up rapidly inside the house. Tharshan who was considered to be the top choice to win this edition of Bigg Boss was eliminated last week to the surprise of all. A few days back, Bigg Boss gave an offer to all the contestants, stating that one of them could have Rs. 5 Lakhs, if they leave the house right away. Kavin took that offer that left the show. Now we are down to the last 4 contestants with just 3 more days to go. Sandy, Losliya, Mugen, and Sherin are the finalist and we will have to wait and see who turns out victorious. Now Tharshan and Kavin are back in the house for a day or two. Expect for Saravanan and Madhumitha all the contestants who were a part of this season are now back in the show. Check out the first promo of today’s episode:
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