Singer Kanika Kapoor who the first Indian celebrity to been tested positive for Covid-19. The singer had returned from the United Kingdom a couple of weeks back. After her return, she stayed in a hotel and even arranged for a party with over 100 people. It is also rumoured that Kanika Kapoor escaped screening at Lucknow airport, by colluding with authorities on the ground and hiding in the washroom. It’s been over 10 days since she was first tested positive for Covid-19. She has been kept in isolation ever since.  
Coronavirus affected singer Kanika Kapoor positive third time Coronavirus affected singer Kanika Kapoor positive third time
According to the latest report, Kanika has not been responding to the treatment and that’s been a worrying sign. Kanika took her fourth Covid-19 test yesterday which again turned out to be positive. Her family member had given a statement to IANS which reads as follows: “We are now worried over the test reports. It seems that Kanika is not responding to treatment and in this lockdown, we cannot even airlift her for advanced treatment. We can only pray for her recovery.”