Vijay Television on Saturday, September 10, released a new promo for Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 featuring host 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan. In this new promo, we see the superstar borrow a page from his Vikram released earlier this year, and do a narration about what audiences can expect in the upcoming edition. Kamal Haasan starts off the Bigg Boss 6 promo by saying that there will always be competition if there is a house, which will then turn into a hunt. He then teases how some people will jump around like deer, while a few others will hide and pounce like a tiger. The actor then informs how a few will be looking to strike like a snake, while some people will wait and watch like an eagle. There will be others who will leave us speechless with their presence like an elephant and some wanting to swallow us like a crocodile. 

The Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 promo continues with Kamal Haasan narrating how a few will hatch schemes like a fox and disappear quickly like a rabbit. He then asserts that there are some who will be looking to rule like a lion. Kamal Haasan then declares that there will always be a king if there is a jungle. But, the last person standing in this house to be declared the king or a winner is not in their hands but rests with the viewers and audiences. Kamal Haasan then reveals that Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 is just around the corner and will be premiering on Vijay TV and Disney+ Hotstar. 

The buzz for Bigg Boss 6 is huge and social media is already abuzz with who will be announced as the new season's contestants, especially after the show-runners recently stated that a non-celebrity individual too will be allowed to enter the house in the upcoming edition as a participant. As of now, it is being reported that Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 will begin in the first week of October and is expected to once again top the TRP ratings. 

Check out the new Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 promo below: