The first ever official update on the next season of Bigg Boss Tamil is out and it has come as a delightful surprise for the fans. The sixth season of Bigg Boss Tamil is in the pre production stages and if things go as per plan, the show will go on air from the first week of October, like the fourth and fifth seasons. Earlier this evening (August 25), Vijay Television released a new promo video of Bigg Boss 6 and this promo is an open invite to the entire Tamil population spread across the world. Yes! Bigg Boss Tamil has been a show in which popular film and television personalities are sent inside a house and are made to stay there for 100 days with several challenges.

Unlike the five seasons, the upcoming sixth season will have non-celebrities also entering the house as a participant. A contestant representing the public will take part in the sixth season of Bigg Boss Tamil and the invite to the same has been made by the makers through this new promo. The promo video features Raju Jeyamohan, the title winner of the fifth edition, and he brings in his charm and energy in a likeable manner. The promo has already got the fans excited and has started to do good rounds on social media.

It is indeed going to be exciting to witness a non-celebrity, someone from the general audience, entering the Bigg Boss house and it looks like more interesting surprises are being planned by the makers. Bigg Boss 6 Tamil will also be hosted by Kamal Haasan who recently tasted success as an actor and producer with the blockbuster hit, Vikram. Promo teasers featuring Kamal Haasan are also said to be in plan and those will be shot by the makers in the coming days. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.