With so much serious issues taking up our mind-space and stressing us out, it seems like someone in the Government Smart Card printing office decided to pull a prank on us all!

42 year old Ms. Saroja Periyathambi from Omalur, Salem applied for and received her Smart Card recently. But my was she in for a surprise when she saw the photograph on it! The picture was definitely not hers. Smiling back at her from her gleaming new Smart Card was none other than the beautiful Kajal Aggarwal! It sure does seem like a whole bunch of people either slept through the process of issuing this particular card or they all just decided to give Saroja a face-lift and put a giggle in her day! They certainly made our Wednesday morning cheerful!

This also has us wondering, if the templates of all our Smart Cards are actually filled in with celebrity images before they are replaced with the respective individual's photograph – sort of like the random picture we seen in photo-frames at the store. Nobody has ventured an explanation about the mess-up. And now everyone is truly motivated to get their Smart Card just to see if they get lucky like Saroja!