Ever since the first announcement of Joker 2 being in the works after director Todd Phillips shared an image of Joaquin Phoenix reading the script of the sequel, people all over the internet started creating a buzz. The second announcement of the film being a musical with Lady Gaga coming in to portray a new version of Harley Quinn, got many scratching their heads in confusion.

Now, a new batch of Joker 2 plot rumors have surfaced which are pretty wild and horrific. Rumors could just be rumors and not the truth as they always are, but in case any of it is true, then it might be the path that the director will have to be very careful about before taking it.  

According to the leak, the sequel will feature scenes depicting rape, decapitation, and torture scenes, and is apparently said to be "fifty times more violent than any other mainstream comic book movie we have seen." The rumor comes from a source that admits they are not sure how much of the following claims are true but states the information comes from a previous source who has provided true information in the past.

The first Joker movie did see director Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix push the boundaries big time with the train and apartment killing. But from what has been described, this is not even close to the first installment of the movie but is instead way dark, gory, and gruesome in comparison to most films, let alone comic book movies. 

Other than that, the other leaks are regarding the film's plot. Arthur Fleck (Joker) is expected to escape the mental asylum that we see him in at the end of Joker. He will then goes on a murderous rampage with Harley Quinn (Lady Gaga) during which all the aforementioned acts will take place. We could also potentially see Joker toy with Thomas Wayne and other elite Gotham socialites. His killing of Thomas Wayne is also entirely possible, leading to the rise of Batman. 

Filing for Joker 2 has not yet begun. As of now, we only have certain details which in fact are actually rumors. More leaks could come our way given how many leaks have already made their way to the surface. For an official announcement, we have to wait before the plot and story are revealed.