The troubles of the world just seem to be never-ending! It looks like Mother Nature is taking out all her fury on the humans who have been destroying her wantonly! Even as the world is just learning to come to terms with the outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, there have been a number of other natural calamities being reported across the world! India has had its fair share with earthquakes, super cyclones and thunderstorms. Now, it looks like the Democratic Republic of Congo is coming face-to-face with Mother Nature's wrath!

Democratic Republic of Congo declares fresh outbreak of Ebola Virus!

It was recently reported that the DR Congo had faced its 10th Ebola Virus outbreak in the nation's East regions. Just as this outbreak was declared as ended, a fresh outbreak of this deadly virus has been reported in the Northwestern part of DR Congo. The nation's Health Minister has reported that 4 people have already succumbed to this Virus in the city of Mbandaka and samples taken from this region have tested positive for Ebola.